Mannersmith Monthly
Tips on Tipping

No. 98, December 2009

The end of the year is your chance to show your appreciation to those people who make your life easier. Please keep in mind that tips are very subjective. Tips are dependent on your relationship with the individual and the norms for your area, as well as your budget. Tips should be crisp, new bills placed in an envelope with a card or note of appreciation. When appropriate, small gifts can be given along with the tips. Below are some guidelines for holiday tipping:

Child Care ~

Apartment Living ~
Home Care ~
Personal Care ~
For people who do not receive tips, a small gift accompanied by a note of appreciation is appropriate ~
If you have had an economically down year, if you have lost your job, or if money is truly tight, you will still need to be thoughtful. To skip the tip is to imply to your service providers that they are not valued or have done something wrong. Instead, write a heartfelt note thanking them. Include a small token of appreciation such as some homemade cookies, a coffee gift card, or small gift. When your finances are fluid again, please do tip them.

Happy Holidays from the Mannersmith Team!

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