About Mannersmith

The Boston Event Guide named Jodi RR Smith one of the thirty most extraordinary Bostonians. She has appeared on Good Morning America, The Today Show, and CBS's The Early Show, sharing her knowledge of good behavior.

Jodi RR Smith is not a blue blooded Brahmin, nor is she a debutante. In fact, she never attended finishing school. However, Ms. Smith's background in motivational psychology and human resources has served to reaffirm her belief that proper manners and etiquette are an essential part of functioning successfully in today's world.

Ms. Smith has been promoting better behaviors since 1986. She is a dynamic presenter who has worked with organizations, corporations, educational institutions and individuals to increase their savvy and confidence levels.

Receiving a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from the University of Rochester and a Master's Degree in Industrial and Labor Relations from Cornell University, Ms. Smith is not only a human resources professional, but an avid advocate of both professional and personal etiquette.

It was in college when Ms. Smith began studying behavior and teaching workshops on social skills. As her sorority's Recruitment Chair, she taught the members formal introductions, proper handshakes and conversation techniques for meeting and recruiting new members. During this time, Ms. Smith realized that these meet and greet procedures were not just for recruitment, they could be applied by people in everyday life.

Later, as a human resources line manager and a member of the senior leadership team in the financial services field, Ms. Smith worked to establish teamwork among a group with explosive growth. The challenge was to open lines of communication to allow relationships to develop while maintaining the original mission and culture of the organization. By addressing the comfort levels of all employees, excellent social skills smoothed the way for better working relationships.

In 1996, Ms. Smith founded Mannersmith, an etiquette consulting firm that creates and delivers seminars to clients ranging from children to CEOs. Each program is a combination of lecture, activities and exercises that are designed to ensure that learning about manners is both educational and entertaining. All workshops and seminars can be tailored to fit the age, interest level and size of any group and are perfect for:

  • Leadership Conferences and Events
  • Fall/Summer/Winter Orientation
  • Faculty and Staff Training
  • Professional Coaching
  • Student Conferences
  • Summer Workshops
  • Parent Orientations
  • First Year Experience Programs
  • Athletic Programs
  • Back To Campus Programs
  • Residence Hall Programs
  • Classroom Presentations
  • Greek Events and Programs

Ms. Smith's background has shown her the importance of etiquette. Individuals who are comfortable with social graces experience the best success. As an etiquette advocate, she is delighted that sharing her knowledge and experience helps to ensure her clients' comfort and success in their endeavors. Whether interviewing for a new position, building a business or seeking new social relationships, etiquette and manners matter.