Mannersmith Etiquette Consulting has been training our graduate business students for over 10 years in the skills needed to confidently navigate business dining etiquette. Whether it be in a business meeting or a job interview, Ms. Smith will entertain and leave you savvier in the process.
Jodi has given seminars to our business students on appropriate dress codes and dining etiquette every year since 2006. Her seminars have helped large numbers of our students significantly improve the way they dress and conduct themselves in a professional dining situation. Additionally, as an entrepreneur herself, Jodi's messages truly resonate with my students. She serves the dual role of an engaging presenter and a successful role model.
We have worked with Mannersmith to develop many programs for our college students in the areas of etiquette and networking, and they have always been simply wonderful. The presentations are engaging, well-structured, and appropriately humorous. Our students always take away something of value and often ask for follow-up sessions.
Thank you for giving your time to come speak at Lasell College. I feel confident that I could attend a formal dinner and not embarrass my hostess.
It was a pleasure to work with Jodi at Mannersmith to set up and ultimately deliver our etiquette dinner this spring. She is highly professional and personable, timely in her response to questions and expert in her suggestions and ideas for event set up. It is a special treat to watch her engage with the crowd, in our case, college seniors, and interact with humor, grace and confidence to a barrage of questions from students. I would 100% endorse her and recommend her highly to others who seek out her services.
Working with Jodi was a true pleasure. She facilitates with an ease and authority that drew our students in to her style, content, and exercises. Many students remarked that they really appreciated being treated like adults while absorbing tips, tricks, and new skills for their post-graduate lives. As a health educator I particularly appreciated Jodi's skills in navigating questions around alcohol etiquette including her emphasis on moderation in professional settings. Jodi delivered to our students exactly what she promised in her learning objectives and more! I would highly recommend her as a speaker/facilitator to others in higher education.
Jodi Smith with Mannersmith consulting is the consummate professional, able to bring corporate experience, humor and practicality to the often overlooked but much needed subject of manners in today's business environment. As a top tier business school looking to put 1200 MBAs a year into professions across industries and functions, we at the University of Texas at Austin partner every year with Jodi as part of our Orientation program. Jodi effectively and efficiently educates our future business leaders on the importance of manners in networking and dining etiquette as a distinguishing trait in those who will lead.
We have had Jodi Smith of Mannersmith present to our students on networking and professional etiquette for many years. We keep going back to Jodi because she is terrific. The content is excellent, and her presentation skills are superb, and the student feedback was outstanding. And finally, it's simply a joy to work with Jodi.
Thanks so much, Friday was excellent. Your presentation was a wonderful end to our Conference. I love that you got everyone to disconnect from work; people had been on their laptops and phones very blatantly working through other presentations, so getting everyone to disconnect and then continuing to hold their attention was an impressive feat. Honestly, you have no idea how hard it is to hold our executives' attention especially for more than 15 minutes. I've never seen it done before.
When it comes to the art of teaching about etiquette, Jodi Smith of Mannersmith is my first choice of consultant. Her ability to simultaneously educate, entertain, and elucidate, makes her presentations stand out. She is the embodiment of the essence of good manners: teaching a common sense approach to acknowledged social conventions, and doing so with a clear sensitivity to those around her. And our students routinely rave about her engaging style, and about all that she has taught them.
First and foremost, I want to take this opportunity to appreciate your presence at Lasell College. Indeed, your skills on formal dining and business etiquette prepared me for the future. Two things in particular that I will be sure to keep with me for my lifetime are: Continental dining rules in terms of where the fork and knife should be placed, as well as how to properly and appropriately address the wait staff and acknowledge their work. Thank you so much.
Jodi Smith's Mannersmith presentations have played an important role in helping us prepare our students to be more marketable and to keep them step ahead of the competition when it comes to employment opportunities. She is the leader in professional protocol and we work with her to help our students gain a competitive edge.
I just wanted to extend a sincere thank you for a fantastic event tonight. Jodi was a bundle of energy and truly provided some amazing skills for us budding graduates. I was admittedly hesitant to sign up and attend what I hoped wouldn't be a stale etiquette course, but I ultimately feel that it was invaluable to my next steps in whatever career path I pursue. I appreciate everything you all did to make the event happen and I hope that more events of a similar nature happen in the near future.
I highly recommend Jodi Smith of Mannersmith. Jodi's presentation on business etiquette has been a part of our orientation for many years. Her manner of presentation is engaging - the students really enjoy it and ask excellent questions. Her presentation helps our students with interview skills - send a real, handwritten, thank you letter instead of an email; wear the right socks; how to shake hands and how to network. Her mock cocktail party is a hoot - how to approach people you have never met and engage them in conversation. No matter how many times I have attended Jodi's presentations, I always learn something new!