The December Dilemma ~ Networking 101 for Office Holiday Parties

Code: PRO508
Category: Intermediate Etiquette
Duration: 1 - 2 hours
Audience: Great for conferences, professional organizations, industry groups, Chambers of Commerce and Rotary meetings

December's calendar quickly fills with those semi-business/semi-social, festive obligations.  But few of us know the guidelines around attending these types of events.  And most of us fear making a face-time faux pas.  Before you give up and make a date with your fuzzy slippers and the couch, consider the advantages of attending.  This program will help to eliminate the ambiguity and the stress around all this end of year "fun" by teaching the A, B, C's of attending office and client holiday parties.  From what to wear and what to say to when and how to make your good-byes, the lessons learned in this program are a gift you can give yourself this holiday season. 

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