Dear Mannersmith Monthly Readers,

Today I watched one of my favorite shows, Monk. It was the episode titled Mr. Monk and the Really, Really Dead Guy. Monk is kicked off a supposed serial-murder case by some high-tech, computer-wielding FBI agents. He is understandably upset and says he feels like a dinosaur in a high tech world. Slowly but surely, Monk proceeds to learn to use e-mail. Well, almost.

Here at Mannersmith, we believe that etiquette evolves and that decorum will never be a dinosaur…no matter what technological advances occur. As we round out our second month of our second decade, we have some very exciting news. While it may have taken a bit, we are thrilled to announce that Mannersmith now has an official Mannersmith Etiquette Consulting Blog.

Our Mannerblog can be found at:

As part of our upgrade, the Mannersmith website has been redesigned as well. You are invited to see our new look at:

We look forward to sharing updates on other projects in the coming weeks. As always, we love hearing from you. Do keep the etiquette emergency e-mails, questions, queries, creative comments and constructive criticism coming. E-mail me at with your latest etiquette pet peeve at

Jodi, Marianne, Winston and the Mannersmith Team